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Metal roofing is a popular choice for roofing in the United States. Billions of square feet of new metal roofing are installed every year. But in the same hand, there are many metal roofs which are torn off commercial buildings and replaced with new roof systems annually.

Unfortunately, many of these metal roof replacements are unnecessary. Commercial roofing is already a substantial capital investment. If a metal roof is replaced prematurely, it ultimately translates into tens of thousands of dollars being discarded unnecessarily. There are other options besides a complete replacement when your metal roof has incurred significant damage or weathering. KCI Roofing has another option that is not only more cost-effective, but also demands far less in cost and time than metal roof replacement.

With a commercial metal roof restoration, your aging metal roof will look and perform like it is brand new. And it will be energy-efficient and far more durable – all without the steep cost burdens of a complete metal roof replacement.

Metal Roofing Contractors for Augusta, GA and Surrounding Areas

Metal-roof-replacement-contractors-gaAside from often being unnecessary, metal roof replacement jobs have many expense burdens:

  • Metal roof tear-off expenses
  • Old, torn-off metal roof materials disposal costs
  • Landfill-related costs
  • Substantial labor cost inputs
  • Big expense burdens for new roofing materials
  • Costs of disrupted business operations and/or activities

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Our Conklin® metal roof restoration solutions allow you to forego this entire process and its costly burdens in time and expenses. These ENERGY STAR® certified, rust-resistant products can be easily applied during normal business hours – in other words, without interrupting your business operations.

Commercial building owners have reported collecting as much as 50% cost savings with our products, as well. Contact us today at (770) 464-0056 for a free metal roof inspection, and learn how you can save money and time with our metal roof restoration service.

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A full-service commercial roofing company, KCI Roofing stands out from competitors with 50+ years of roofing industry expertise. Our experienced roof technicians will carefully evaluate the condition of your metal roof and apprise you of the options at your disposal.


We use the diverse line of Conklin® roofing products because of their long-standing track record. Here are how these great-performing products deliver value:

  • Tested nationwide for 35+ years
  • Applied on over 2 billion square feet across America
  • Forms seamless, fully adhered, watertight barrier over old metal roof
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations throughout different seasons
  • Powerful anti-rust properties
  • No more metal roof design flaws
  • Easily applied during hours of operation without a hitch
  • Exceptional flexibility and strength
  • White roof surface with 85% reflectivity
  • Can generate 30-50% yearly A/C cost reductions
  • No more leaks, no more rusting
  • Proven protection in hurricane-force winds, fire, hail, storms, and other hazards
  • Fewer upkeep and maintenance demands per year
  • Can be expensed as repair or maintenance

We stand behind the efficacy of our Conklin® roofing products with non-prorated guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs. These renewable, non-prorated warranties extend up to 18 years for our metal roof restoration service. And this restoration system can pay for itself in less than 7 years with energy savings!

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You can count on KCI Roofing’s 50 years of experience to handle your needs. Our highly trained team will work hard to ensure your metal roof stays rust-free, leak-resistant, energy-efficient, and cost-effective for years to come!

You do not have to settle for costly metal roof replacement or even repairs. Contact us today at (770) 464-0056 for a free, no-obligation roof inspection!