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For your commercial roof replacement needs, you can count on KCI Roofing. With 50+ years of expertise, our team members are dedicated to being the most capable, service-minded professionals around. We combine painstaking standards for workmanship and service with use of high-quality products to deliver the greatest lasting value possible. Our durable, ENERGY STAR® certified Conklin® roofing products will make sure your building remains leak-free, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient for years to come.

Contact us today at (770) 464-0056 for a free, on-site inspection, and we can discuss how our Conklin® products deliver great ROI with long-term energy savings.

Roof Restoration: Often Better than
Roof Replacement

When a commercial roof has considerably aged or sustained extensive damage, the default option is to replace it with a new roof. But in many cases, a complete roof replacement is unnecessary. In fact, most commercial roofs are replaced before they need be. Industry studies confirm that as many as 70-80% of commercial roofs are replaced before they are required to be so.

Free, on-site inspection

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At KCI Roofing, we understand how significant of an investment a commercial roof is. That is why along with comprehensive roof replacement services, we offer an economical, time-efficient option that oftentimes is a better fit: commercial roof restoration services. With a timely application of our powerful Conklin® roof coatings, your aging roof will be leak-proofed and completely transformed into a cool, durable, energy-saving asset.

Commercial Roof Replacement Services for Georgia


We’ve Replaced 40,000+ Roofs

Whether your roof can be restored or needs to be replaced, you can expect completely convenient and hassle-free service from our team. KCI Roofing draws upon a proud legacy of three generations of quality service and trust.

We pledge the following:

  • Professional, unbiased treatment and personalized support
  • Service from a widely respected company with 50+ years of experience
  • Fast, efficient services tailored to your unique needs
  • Quality roofing solutions that have been carefully vetted for customer value
  • First-rate workmanship and customer service
  • Roofing professionals who are fully committed to your needs and consumer education

You can count on our experts’ five decades of industry expertise for customized guidance and support. We will avail you of the restoration and replacement options at your disposal, and we will educate you on the merits of each option.

Exceptional Roofing Products

The KCI Roofing Difference
  • 50+ year track record
  • Reputable roofing specialists
  • Licensed, bonded, insured
  • Help you get fair settlement
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Quality workmanship

We chose Conklin® products because they have tested and trusted nationwide for 35+ years. Here are a few ways our complete line of energy-efficient, high-performance products stand out in a crowded product marketplace:

  • Installed on 2+ billion square feet nationwide
  • Do not require roof tear-off and replacement to be applied
  • Can save 50% on avoided roof replacement costs
  • Form seamless, watertight membrane over existing commercial roof
  • Can add decades to old roof’s life
  • Lightweight application that greatly strengthens building structure
  • ENERGY STAR® roofing with 85% reflectivity
  • Can save 30-50% on A/C costs and pay for themselves in less than 7 years
  • Holds up against fire, hail, hurricane-force winds, and other hazardous conditions
  • Exceptional weathering resistance
  • Long-term durability and tensile strength
  • Great flexibility for expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuations
  • Very few upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance requirements

We stand our work and ENERGY STAR® certified Conklin® systems with non-prorated warranty guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs. Depending on the product and application most suitable for your needs, our non-prorated guarantees extend up to 20 years.

Free, On-Site Roof Inspections

Contact us today for a free, on-site roof inspection. Between our 50 years of expertise and extensive Conklin® product line, we can handle any commercial roof replacement or restoration need.

Call us at (770) 464-0056 for a free, no-hassle roof inspection today!